The Restaurant Mobile App “ORDER NOW” is the perfect Fine-dine app for stewards to address the guest preferences all on the go. Capture the guest needs right from seating to settlement along with preferences at a faster pace which results in improved guest satisfaction. Serve joy to your customers with our App


Order Now App

A web based order collection app for restaurant waiters. Simply activate your company to enable automatic synchronization among all the devices. A waiter can collect customer orders from visitors over a Smartphone while moving around restaurant campus. Orders will be automatically synchronized on main server as well as kitchen computer. Chef makes the order ready and waiter can efficiently deliver the order without any wastage of time.


Why your fine-dine needs restaurant mobile app?

  • Easy and intuitive UI
  • Access all tables on the floor... on the go
  • Serve the guests to their order of choices
  • Serve Dine-in & Takeaway orders
  • Customize the orders to guests with pre-defined tastes
  • Converts your guests order to bill
  • Offer pre-defined discounts at ease
  • Instruct your guests on the taste, spiciness and ingredients used
  • Merge/ shift tables as you please
  • Route the KOT's and bills to your destined counters/ multiple kitchens

Manage your guests in your palm

Enable the comfort of attending your guest from their seating to billing by just playing with your... finger. Manage your guest seating, orders, their preferences, priority of serve, merge or split KOT's, and convert them to bill with predefined discounts, supporting fine-dine restaurant, quick service restaurant, bakery and even more food businesses.


Easy Menu

Order Now App has been designed so simply that a layman can operate it very easily without any training or computer knowledge. Just Touch, Tap and your order is ready. All Items are shown very beautifully along with its pretty pics. Very flexible to change order qty, easily delete particular item from order. Select table no. All the data will be automatically synchronized on main server. At any point of time you can check how many items served today by a particular attendance. What are total sales figures today? How many number of orders served and how much revenue generated by particular staff member. It will increase staff's work efficiency as waiter is not required to go to kitchen or front desk for placing an order.


What kind of App do you need? Let us know your requirements and we will make a custom app for your business

From Idea to Delivery

Your iOS and Android apps are designed, built, fully tested, and prepared for release to the app store. We hold every app we make to the highest standard. Custom built to your requirements, in a rapid and cost effective manner