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E-mail Marketing

$ 100/Per Month

  • Create Your Email Campaign
  • Increases Sales
  • Send Online Marketing & Newsletter

Hotel Management Software

$ 175/First Year

  • Customizable Bill Formats
  • Complete Inventory Automation

Retail Billing ERP

$ 175/First Year

  • Eco-Barcoding
  • POS Billing / Invoicing
  • Keep Total Control Over your business

E-commerce ERP

$75/Per Month

  • Sell online with a website + shopping cart
  • Integrated Payment Gateways
  • All-in-one & fully hosted

Pharma ERP Software

$ 125/First Year

  • Quickly Manage your Stock
  • Handles Expiry/Breakage & Replacement
  • Track all sales Bills

e-Lab Software

$ 175/First Year

  • Accurate & Perfect Test Reports
  • Maintain Patient Records
  • Apt for Clinical Labs

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